Guess whose back? Back again? Patty's back!

Patick Lalime's groin has been feeling a lot better, and now he is resuming his position as Ryan's backup, woohoo! Since the Pirates are up here today playing in a game (right now, actually), Jhonas didn't have to go very far. Probably only in the locker room next door. I have no idea if the Pirates locker room is the Sabres locker room when they're up here. I have to find that out. Anyways, this whole this is great news simply because Tamara and I have a feeling Patty is going to play against Ottawa when we go. It'll be the first meeting between the two teams, so who knows what Sabres team is going to show up against them. Hopefully it'll be a big ol' W on the board.

I had no idea of this until last night, but Mike Grier hurting his groin too? Tamara put it well saying good thing we didn't get rid of Adam...Mike was supposed to 'take his place' too. I like Mike and all, but Adam has a place on this team too still. I don't think Tim Kennedy fits his role, that's for sure. At least not yet. Maybe in a few years. I'm glad that Adam is still here. I have a weird infatuation with him and I don't know why. Maybe it's the blonde hair...yeah.

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