The Epic Adventures of Tamara and Shelby: Jaroooooome!

It's been awhile since one of these posts have happened. Tamara and I hadn't gone to a game together since Atlanta last month, but we went last night, and are going to two games next week. Exciting!

We got to the arena pretty early and after completely forgetting to hang out in the lower bowl for warmups and going up the escalator, we headed back down to the 100s. We stood by where the Flames were warming up because we see the Sabres enough as it is (Tamara a hell of a lot more than I). I was really excited to see Jarome Iginla in person. He's one of those players that us Easterners don't see enough of and I was glad to see him skating around up close. I heard he is an extremely nice guy. Speaking of Calgary, either a lot of fans live in Toronto or people just had a Calgary jersey and decided to switch up today. The fanbase turn out was incredible. Good job Calgary!

We headed up to our seats and lucky us, we sat next to some weird ones again. One guy who claimed to be a Leafs fan (and also a Calgary fan) was so blasted he went down to the Sabres store and bought a blank Sabres jersey. It was pretty funny but other than that, we hate being bothered by drunk idiots as such. I wonder how much we're going to encounter in Ottawa...pray for us.

I realized something as we were watching the game. We don't pay much attention to it, but instead, we talk the whole time about random stuff. We pay more attention to it when it's on TV. It's the weirdest thing but the games we've been to haven't exactly been exciting...maybe except the Atlanta and Leafs game. I hope the Florida and Ottawa games are super exciting.

Now after the game, we headed downstairs to wait in the lobby to see who would come out. Apparently the Sabres have started this thing where three players come out to sign autographs (but you have no idea which three they are). I had my picture taken with Sabretooth finally (thanks again Tamara!) and then we waited until Matt Ellis and Chris Butler came out. I was all ready to have Matt sign my ticket when all of the sudden, the couple in front of me backed up into me and Matt went over to the next part of the rope. At that point I was just like 'screw it'. People of Buffalo: If you get something signed by a player and are done getting something signed by them, then get the hell out of the way. Thanks!

Next up: Philly.


Caroline said...

I got my picture with Sabretooth too! I am way more excited about this than I should be.

Shelby Rose said...

I was really excited too. I've been wanting to get a picture with him for foreeeever but I never did. I was so happy to get it last night. (: