Tamara and I were at the Boulevard Mall today to go look for a picture of Goose in poster size. We ventured into LAUX Sporting Goods to see if they had any (which apparently, the only huge posters they seem to have are of Ryan, Thomas, and Sidney Crosby. What the hell.) Anyways, Tamara noticed a '10' on a jersey that was on a rack and we got all excited. Then we saw the price.

It went from $169.99 to $79.99. Needless to say the jersey was a CCM and not a Reebok type but still! We sort of freaked out a little because of how cheap it was. He was on the rack with Jaro and Max. I'm sure this doesn't mean a thing, but I don't want to see the Swedish defensemen traded or anything of the sort. He's really starting to play well again with Tyler. If he can keep this up, then I hope the city will give him another chance...


Melissa said...

I wonder why it was so cheap! That's odd.

I've yet to find a poster-sized picture of Goose, and trust me... I've looked. haha. Well, there are a few on allposters.com, but they're $60... D:

Shelby Rose said...

$60?! That is ridiculous!