That was some good redemption there, boys.

A nice shutout for Ryan and some goals for the offense made tonight turn out to be quite nice for the Sabres. I was over at my brother's house watching this game, and the other time I went over there to watch a game this season, Ryan Miller had his first shutout against Nashville. Maybe I should watch Sabres games with him more often...just kidding, Tamara.

It's about time the Primadonna Cuntnugget scored his first goal of the season. I was really hoping that it tipped off of Thomas' stick, but alas, no. My brother made me incredi bly happy tonight because he was bitching about how people always say that Thomas does absolutely nothing in front of the net. He defended him all night, with the standing in the crease and how he isn't lazy, but he just isn't a fast skater. I don't meet too many people now that defend him quite like I do but I occasionally find people who don't put the guy down so that's always nice.

It was good to see the power play in action tonight. I don't know how many power plays they had, but they scored two goals on it, and it's a start. It's time to get it cranking out. Remember when the Sabres were in the top five last year for the PK AND PP? Insane.

Flyers on Friday. I hate these games against them. Or I just hate their fans...one of the two.

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