The Epic Adventures of Tamara and Shelby: For once, we go to an exciting game.

PotG is back in business after I took a short hiatus with moving and everything. Most of our things are unpacked and I hooked up the internet yesterday (mostly on my own, go me), so here I am!

Tamara and I bought tickets to last night's game following the win against Philly. We grumbled about it because these boys make us spend money when we might not want to, but it's worth it if they end up playing a good game. Now we always seem to pick the games where it's 2-1, 3-2, etc. etc. This was the first exciting game we've been to all season long. It only took the Sabres two periods to wake up, but when Ryan made that one spectacular save, they were ready to go. The crowd was certainly energized last night that's for sure.

During the first intermission, Tamara was able to meet my brothers and one of my sister-in-laws because they were also at the game. It's weird being there with most of my family in attendance as well, but these are one of the only times I'm able to see them. If I have the chance to spot them at a game then I will go see them. Unless I'm in the 100s, then I am not making the walk up there through strings of people, haha.

Some people at games need to learn that you cannot get up and leave until there's a stoppage in the play. So many people were getting up to leave yesterday when there were about three minutes left in the game and kept getting in the way. It was ridiculous. I was about to punch one of them. People are just so stupid.

I am so glad that the schedule for the Sabres is changing up now though I'll probably forget that there's a game on tomorrow until Tamara reminds me about it. I'm too used to this Wednesday-Friday-Saturday thing going on.


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... we went to a 3-2 game?

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