Tonight was not a very good night at all. First, the Sabres lose to the Flyers in a quite horrible fashion. I am never saying what the score of the game is going to be outloud ever again. I said that it would eventually be 4-1, Flyers and it was. Stupid brain and stupid psychic moments in hockey.

Then my dry skin on my hands begins to act up again. Every winter for the past three years or so, I've been getting red rashes on my hands from dry skin. They're weird patches too so my hands always look messed up in the winter time. Lotion doesn't even help me out one bit.

And then, Thomas Vanek got a freaking haircut and shaved off his semi beard! When I thought to myself 'Yeah, he's going to get it cut before the next game'! Sadly, that might be the most awful thing that happened to my little heart tonight.

More tomorrow when I can collectively put my thoughts together on this game and how I really dislike the Flyers and Daniel Carcillo's missing teeth.


Aubrey said...

You know, the Flyers are kind of like your rashes; irritating things that show up when it gets cold.

Shelby Rose said...

Then these rashes are going to get even more irritating because we play them two more times this month. ):