Why is your ice time so...low?

If any of you have watched Thomas Vanek's interview today, you saw the awkwardness that was the question 'Did you talk to Lindy about why your ice time was so low last night?' He paused and then answered 'He didn't say anything.' More of an awkward pause and stifled laughter. 'We're just rolling with four lines.'

Lindy and Thomas didn't have a very nice way to end the season way back in 05-06 with his butt being benched in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, and we all know how he turned it around the season after that. I still have the feeling these two have some problems with one another...which is evident in the fact that when Thomas does one thing wrong, he seems to get benched. If the Primadonna Cuntnugget does something wrong, he doesn't get benched. I'm not even saying this because I'm biased, it's pure fact.

Yesterday, Thomas Vanek had a little over 11 minutes in ice time. 11. Minutes. Considering he's been the leading goal scorer on this team for the past three seasons, I don't want him to be playing only that much time per night. You have to factor in PK time because he doesn't play that (he used to...remember that, Lindy? Remember those short handed goals?)
Anyways, Heather from Top Shelf mentioned it in her most recent post, and I commented on how when Thomas seems to be playing well in a game, his ice time is less. If he isn't getting points on the board but is still playing well then he has at least 15 minutes of ice time. Lindy keeps saying Thomas has to keep working to get his ice time higher, but what does he have to do? Be Alexander Ovechkin every night?

I love Lindy, I really do. I just hate this relationship between the two of them.


Caroline said...

I would say maybe Thomas is battling the flu, but this isn't the first time that he's seen limited ice time.

Shelby Rose said...

I saw someone else make a comment about him battling the flu but I don't know...he always seems to have limited ice time.

amy said...

I'm still giggling over "Primadonna Cuntnugget."

Shelby Rose said...

I am so glad people find the humor in that! :D