Postgame: 11-11-09

While this game wasn't as interesting as the blow out against the Oilers, it had it's moments. Tamara, and I called Drew scoring against simply because it was Edmonton. He had a stellar game against them last season and he put the first one on the board after a rebound. Then when Monty score, Tamara, a friend of ours and I all were jumping around because we were so excited for him. We love Monty, haha. I'm really glad he got his first goal! Now Craig just has to get his. He should do it against Florida next week...just saying Craig.

Let's talk about Thomas Vanek's game last night. Somehow had more than ten minutes of ice time even after all those penalties. THREE PENALTIES! Jesus, I would've rather seen him go for fighting or something instead of diving (?!), slashing, and hooking. At least he got an assist last night? I never want to see that type of game from him ever again. Bad hockey folks.

I really hope Clarke MacArthur isn't suspended for what happened to Reddox. From the replays that I see, Clarke tapped him a little bit and Reddox just fell awkwardly into the boards because of the position he was in. You can clearly see in the replay too that Clarke tried to help him until the Oilers started to come after Clarke. Here's to hoping that the guy is okay right now. That small hit looked scary because it looked like he wasn't moving at first...nothing you ever want to see in this game. Ever.

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