Jason and Jayden.

Jason Pominville and his wife welcomed a baby boy into the world maybe three or two days ago that they named Jayden. How cute are those names together? Jason and Jayden. If he has another boy, it'll be James and if it's a girl, it'll be Jamie. I bet his full name is Jayden Jason Pominville. Hey, Thomas Vanek did it with his son, Blake. Blake Thomas Vanek! Sooo cute.

Speaking of which, Thomas was on NHL Live today and talked about how the Sabres are doing so far. He was also asked about head shots and basically said that things should be taken care of now. I completely agree. They also asked about the Olympics, which I cringed at. People forget that Austria is not that good at hockey. Well no, that isn't true. Austria is good enough to beat A and B pool teams but not good enough to beat teams in the World Championships. They're really in the middle of the pack. He mentioned how even though with his dad being Czech and his mother being a Slovak, he was born in Austria and he wouldn't change the team he played for, for the world. I love his loyalty. I just wish he would be there for the Olympics, but oh well...

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