What in the tarnation is going on?

Tamara and Caroline went to the morning skate today and I would have gone too if I didn't have college to deal with. Silly school. Anyways, when I parked at the Pepsi Center to start walking to class, I saw that Tamara texted me saying something very unnerving to me. She said that it looked like Thomas Vanek was taken off of the power play unit.

NOW WAIT A MINUTE HERE. I realize he only has five goals in thirteen games. I also realize that he has only one power play goal. I think so anyways. But you need his presence in front of the net. Goose is a big guy too and plays well in front of the net, but that's on the power play unit. They tried Drew Stafford out last year when Thomas was out and it didn't work out too well. We know he has a great pair of hands and I don't understand why Lindy would take him off. If it's because of the three penalties he got, I will (to put it bluntly) shit a brick.

This news may not be true since Tamara wasn't too sure, but I hope it really isn't. He thrives on the power play. If this means that he has to pick up his game though to earn a spot back on the power play then I know he'll do it. He's been pressured like this before. Most of the time, he delivers. He will be back.

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