News Flash: Patrick Lalime is not a 'dueche'.

Most fans already know of Patty going down with a groin injury and Jhonas Enroth being called up to replace him. This doesn't bother me at all. It's what I was reading from other Sabres fans that threw me off. 'Oh, I hope Lalime is injured.' 'Maybe they got rid of Lalime.' 'That dueche Patrick Lalime is leaving.'

Really? Really?

Do people not remember when Ryan Miller went down and for most of those games, Patty was standing on his head? Do we not remember the team sucked in front of him and that caused them to only win four games in that long streak of Ryan being out? Oh no, we're just looking at his stats from this season...A GAME AND A HALF. You have a lot to go on from there, apparently.

The Sabres started off flat footed against Atlanta and it was a miracle they scored a lot in the game before that one. The same thing happened against the Islanders on Saturday, a game in which Ryan Miller WAS PULLED and Lindy put Patty out there. You can not go off the handle and say he's a bad goaltender on just nearly two games. It just doesn't work that way.

And if we're talking about that 7-6 win over the Leafs in preseason, good job - both goaltenders were awful that night. Patty made one more save than Vesa Toskala did and that's the only thing that mattered. THE PRESEASON DOES NOT MATTER.

Rant = done.

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