"You had two penalties, and the Sabres keep rolling."

Not exactly the prettiest win of the season, but the Sabres still pulled out with two points in overtime. For the record, Tamara and I chanted Timmy's name throughout the OT and called him scoring the game winner. We are obviously psychic, yo.

While it was nice for the boys to get the extra point in OT, the last few seconds of regulation were BAD. Point number one, don't screen your goaltender. Point number two...reflections are bad. Ryan really had no chance on it considering it was a deflection, but when you end up giving up the equalizer when they pulled the goaltender AND you're on the power play? Come on guys. Though, it could've been 3-1 if they counted Timmy's little hand pass empty netter, but those are the breaks. It's not like the Leafs were right behind us in points where it's bad that they got a point.

They get back in the groove tonight on Halloween, and I hope the Islanders don't 'scare' them away, per say.

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