You keep on rocking, Drew Stafford.

A very happy birthday goes out to one of our favorite, incredibly hairy but hardcore right wingers, Andrew* Stafford! He is twenty-four years old today. (: Oh, and look! They play the Maple Leafs tonight so maybe he'll be able to score a pretty sick goal against them like he did on Febrary 4th last season. I remember these things WAY too well.

In addition to his birthday post, I'm a posting the Fabian video. If you haven't seen it, I'm sorry for the damage this will do to your brain. If you have seen it - sorry again.

Fabian (Live) Video by Red Seal Peach - MySpace Video

Leopard pants have never looked so good.

*Tamara and I think that Drew isn't his actual name, so we will go with Andrew here.


amy said...

I'm not sure whether the leopard print pants, nunchuck microphone or fake mustache is my favorite part of the Fabian video.

Shelby Rose said...

It could even be all three of those things!