Thank goodness for that long reach.

My thoughts are still pretty jumbled from the game tonight (or maybe I have a pizza hangover from the Domino's I had during gameplay) so I can only think of some things that crossed through my mind during the game tonight.

-WHERE IS PATTY? (Tamara eventually spotted him and put up a post-it to signify where he was sitting).
-Craig Rivet totally shaved inbetween the first and second periods. Fact.
-Mike Grier looked SO happy when he scored and it made me smile too.
-Vincent Lecavalier is so gorgeous that it should be illegal in the entire world. I could watch him on my screen all day.
-Marty St. Louis is so tiny!
-Mike Smith needs to chill out. It was a little immature for him to be destroying his water bottles at the end of regulation.
-Cellino & Barnes popping up on the screen? Yeah. I will never get used to that.
-Derek Roy is doing nothing with this Diabetes thing so far this season. He hasn't scored yet.
-Speaking of THAT thing, I got all excited when he was down on the ice. I cannot stand him and if a little roughing up can change his attitude, then good. With that said, the officiating sucked tonight (oh, and I was glad Thomas was sort of checking to see if he was okay. Good sport, Thomas!)
-And another thing, I don't know if Ryan Miller can act.
-I should have more faith in Thomas with shootouts. Sorry dude.
-Okay Tyler, you can stay with the big boys.


Caroline said...

I lol @ every time I see that car commercial with Ryan and Steve Tasker. Although I've only seen it twice. :(

But I was surprised with his acting skillz in that Yo Mama Amp commercial during the Ice Bowl. I loved it every time he said, "Yomamaween".

Shelby Rose said...

I've only seen it twice too. The first time I wasn't paying attention, and looked up to find Ryan staring me down, haha.

They should bring that commercial back just for laughs.

Aubrey said...

Don't make Vinny Lecavalier's gorgeousness illegal! That would be a sad, sad world :(

Shelby Rose said...

Don't worry Aubrey! If someone made it illegal, I would be sure to be one of the thousands of ladies protesting against that. (;