The Epic Adventures of Tamara and Shelby: Home Opener Edition.

I'm really sorry that I forgot a pregame post to this game. You would think with all the excitement of hockey being back, I would have enough motivation to at least write a decent lengthed post up here but the Canucks game kept me distracted. This is sad to say considering they were shut out by the Avalanche 3-0. Can you say 'ugh' with me?

We arrived to the arena a little late, but it was okay. We walked around the 300 level to try and find Drew Stafford's portrait, but it was nowhere to be found. Does anyone know where it happens to be? If you do, it would be really great if you could let us know...we just want to see where they moved it to. If anywhere for that matter, good lord.

Our seats were awesome. The guy we had bought the tickets from wasn't kidding when he said that they were great, though I felt that if I got up to cheer, I would fall over the railing and roll down the steps. Definitely not a good thing. I highly approve of the opening video they used. That got me pumped for hockey. Hells bells was a good choice for a song to be included. Nothing sappy!

I really wanted them to announce the boys while they were still in a circle after they came out, but I guess that might be asking for too much. It would've been a cute idea too! It was so good to see them be announced one by one because it's been far too long since we've seen some real hockey be played.

I liked our seats because we had a ton of Habs fans behind us that all spoke in French, and I love French accents so it was so funny and cool to hear them jibbering behind us. I did NOT approve of them chanting 'RI-VET!' whenever he got into a scrum. I was upset and not a happy Shelby.

Tamara and I had met two guys sitting next to us, and we pretty much spoke the entire third period to one another about going to other arenas and players we liked. They were super nice, and I usually never spoke to any other fans at games just because I don't have anything to talk about with really anybody, but that was a lot of fun. We might go to the Phoenix game, so it would be cool if we were able to see them both again.

You know what happened during the game, so I won't give a recap here. I just thought it sucked that Montreal got such lucky bounces. It IS the first game of the season, but I don't think that first goal should have counted. Goalie interference, flat out. I'm pretty sure Travis Moen hit Miller before the puck slid under his legs.Total bullshit, but whatever. The good news is that they got a point. (Oh, and we now get free stuff at Dunkin Donuts since Timmy scored tonight, woo!)

We waited out back for autographs for a little while, and amazingly, the one and only Austrian in my life decided to stop and sign stuff. We think it was only because Craig Rivet was in front of him and he was stuck in traffic, so there was no way for him to get out and then the flood of people practically mauled his car. Anyways, it was funny because this woman stared at me and then looked at my jersey saying 'You know Vanek is in that car so you can get your jersey signed.' and I was like 'Oh, thank you! I already had him sign one of my jerseys though.' Tamara and Meg practically pushed me to get it signed...but not really. Tamara can quote me on this because I don't remember how the convo went down, but she went up to him and asked him to sign my jersey for me as I stood twenty feet away because I am a wuss, haha.

So yes! I now have two jerseys signed by Vanek, and I have one left that can be signed by him so next time, I will go up to him and ask him myself. I guess I was just scared it would be like 'rawr!' and I am scared of a rawr!Austrian.

To top the night off, Tamara and I were walking back to her car and some guy in a Habs jersey in a car near the lot we were in shouted to us 'Hey, I'm sorry that we kicked your asses tonight.' Tamara said 'I wouldn't call a win in OT 'kicking our asses', exactly.' So he repeated the phrase and I yelled back 'Too bad your 100th anniversary sucked!' Yeah, it just needed to be said. Their season last year was a bunch of epic fail, even though they did make the playoffs. Ahaha, it was just so perfect.

Overall, our trip was very fun even though the Sabres lost in overtime. The third game we attend to together may be next Thursday, so watch out for a post if that's the case!


Pookey said...

It was...

" You should go get your jersey signed!"
" Nooo"
" Come on!"
" Noo"
" I'll go with you"
" No"
" I'll go FOR you"
" N....really?!"

Shelby Rose said...


I told my mom what happened and she flipped out on me, ahahaha.

Aubrey said...

'Too bad your 100th anniversary sucked!'

Ha, ha, good for you! A sexy accent is no excuse for being a jerk. Epic adventures indeed, can't wait to hear more of them :)

Shelby Rose said...

Thanks Aubrey! There will be one coming Friday, because we're going to a game on Thursday too. (: