In a galaxy far, far away...

I sadly couldn't pay much attention to the game last night because I was part working on a five page paper (which only reached three pages and a few sentences) and on my application for an EDL.* I did pay enough attention to watch the Sabres dominate in the goal scoring department in the first period. I completely missed Clemmensen get pulled though? Fail by me. Vokoun shut down the Sabres pretty well after letting in three in the first, but at least they scored a ton in the first.

While doing my EDL application and having my mom talk to me, I missed most of Chris Butler's interview. I am a sad Shelby. I know it's on the website so I will eventually get to watching the entire thing. Give me time Chris, give me time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Carubba Collision not just because the Austrian was involved, but because it was a pile up. I love those. I'm just glad no one had gotten hurt because of it.

Speaking of Austrians, if I'm not mistaken Michael Grabner from the Vancouver Canucks scored his first NHL goal and point last night! There are high expectations for him because he's playing well for the Manitoba Moose and I'm glad he was called up! Woooo!

I find him to be very adorable. (: Aww. I'm so excited for him.


Jill said...

How dare you work on your school work while watching the game! Priorities!

Pookey said...

I was watching the game straight on, and I didn't even see the goalie switch!

Shelby Rose said...

Jill; if I didn't have to write a paper, I would have paid full attention to the game!

Tamara; oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who missed that.