Is it too late for a post game post? Pregame: September 19th, 2009.

I know, I really do suck. I was going to make a post yesterday but ended up getting sidetracked with a few things and wasn't able to get around to it. The picture above pretty much sums up how I felt about the game, though. Yeah they lost but it's only the preseason. I was told by Tamara that Thomas was wearing the 'A' on the Thursday and the fangirling commenced. I was so happy. So Thursday's game still turned out pretty well for me.

Tonight, they face the Red Wings. Those pesky Red Wings. Good thing Ty Conklin isn't still around because that might've spelled bad news for the Sabres. A few guys have been swapped out of the roster, but others have stayed put. Ryan Miller will be in net tonight for the entire game with Jhonas as the backup. I wonder why they aren't switching out?

Here's hoping for a good win tonight against Detroit! I'll be listening to the radio as per usual. I just wish that there was even an internet feed of the game so that I can watch it and see them.

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