PotG does Wingfest.

My brother asked me the other day while we were walking to trails near the Pepsi Center with my sister-in-law if I would like to have gone to the Wingfest that was going on at Dunn Tire Park. Hello, chicken wings smothered in sauce? I am so there.

The three of us and along with my mom headed on down there and arrived a little after they opened the gates. There were already a few hundred people in there and it didn't surprise me in the slightest. We paid admission, got our tickets at the small ticket booth, and proceeded to search for the first chicken wings we would devour.

I can't remember the name for the life of me, but one chicken wing place was from Maryland and we stopped by there first. My mom got chicken wings smothered in garlic sauce and I got mine with BBQ. It was all over my fingers and face - the proper way anything BBQ should be eaten. It was delicious. After that, we walked over to another little place (something called WOW, I think) and got the Honey BBQ wings over there. Those were pretty delicious too. It was funny because the wings were three for two tickets, and the one girl ended up giving me four wings. She was like 'I'm sorry!' Honey, don't be sorry if you give me more. Keep them coming.

My mom and I also made two more trips to this little booth - one for Teriyaki wings and then the second trip was so I could get more Honey BBQ wings. I don't think I can ever eat plain wings again.

We left shortly after I finished that batch of wings I had. I didn't bring my camera to take pictures of the yummy food, but I had fun on my first trip to Wingfest. It gets my seal of approval. Ryan Miller would also approve of this.

Edit; Thanks to Caroline for hooking me up with this fantastic seal of approval!


Caroline said...

...Ryan Miller approving something? Do you need the Official Ryan Miller Seal of Approval?!


Shelby Rose said...

Thank you for hooking me up, Caroline. *thumbs up*

Aubrey said...

1. I'm really glad there aren't any photos. Your descriptions made me hungry enough!

2. What other sort of things would merit the PotG Official Ryan Miller Seal of Approval?

Shelby Rose said...

Oh, it is not my official seal of approval but Caroline's on her blog Hockey Night In Buffalo. That is all her, haha.

Greats plays, big wins, and Thomas Vanek himself are some things that merit the seal of approval. There's a lot of other things too!