The Sabres can only score in the third period now.

Really, what is with the boys only scoring their goals in the third period? They practically sleep through the first two periods and then they wake up realizing they have to score a few goals. Great job guys.

No seriously, I'm so happy that they beat the Red Wings. Even if it's only the preseason, they beat the RED WINGS! Heck yeah! See, I knew with Ty Conklin not being there, they'd be able to beat them. Good times all around.

Goals were scored by Derek, Thomas, and the Goose. I think Goose scored that goal for his mama who was apparently at the game tonight. Go Mother Goose! I think she should go to Sabres games a lot more often...they should have a plane just for her to fly her in all the time. I think she brings good luck to the team (and to Goose).

The next game is on Monday, against the Caps. Hopefully it isn't a remake of what happened on Thursday. No OT please! I can't even handle that in the preseason. Then again, it gets me ready for what the regular season will bring...

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