Your Studdly Centers!

This is the second part of my fantasy post where I introduce who my centers are.

Jeff Carter

Studdly center number one is Jeff Carter. I never thought I would say 'stud' and 'Jeff Carter' in the same sentence, oy. Anyways, I bitched a lot last year when him and Thomas were neck to neck in the goal scoring race. He just seemed to always score the same amount of goals one night that Thomas would and it made me angry. He's going to bring me quite a lot of goals this year too, so he'll be lethal in that department.

Joe Pavelski
Studdly center number two is Joe Pavelski of the San Jose Sharks. He's also American. Oh, I'm swooning all over the place already. He was drafted in the awesome year of 2003, so this means he must be pretty damn good. His point total has increased over the past three years so I'm sure he'll be bringing me lots of points every night.

Scott Gomez

I picked this picture only for Chris, by the way.
Anyways, we all know what he may or may not have done on purpose to Ryan Miller last season. He now plays for Montreal so we can see him more, oh hurray! He's one of the only guys in the league that hail from the state of Alaska (along with Ty Conklin). His point total decreased drastically over the past season, but I hope a new team will get him fired up and ready to go.

Tomorrow I (might) have a post up about the right wingers! Stay tuned!
I think that Tamara said it best yesterday when she texted me going 'Only Drew Stafford would get a concussion and not tell anyone!'

Toni Lydman and Drew each suffered injuries during the preseason - Toni with his hand, and Drew with his head. With these injuries, it might cause Lindy to keep Tim Kennedy, Nathan Gerbe, Tyler Myers, OR Mike Weber on the roster but we won't find out until at least three o'clock. I might freak out because I have to leave for class around three so I hope that they come up with the roster before then. I want to know!

Oh, and Toni being out totally almost ruins Tamara's and my plan. Just saying.


Jill said...

I still dont have to like Gomez...

Shelby Rose said...

I don't like him either. Even on my fantasy team.