Fisticuffs a plenty, we'll see you next Saturday.

Forget that the Sabres blew a two goal lead going into the second period and lost the game by one goal; it's only the preseason. Even though it is pretty irritating they let that happen...Thomas even took one for the team and bled! The power play has been fail this preseason. We are missing Ales and Jaro on the backend, ugh.

Anyways, the main thing about this game tonight was the various scrums and scuffles going on during the game. I can't remember who Patty K hit exactly, but all I know is that he got in a huge fight with Ryan O'Byrne, and then ended up getting a game misconduct. That was the first fight. Then later, Goose went after someone else and got a 10 minute misconduct. Then there were a lot of other scuffles going on. This makes for a nice little rematch next Saturday at the home opener, which I now cannot wait for. I hope that there are plenty of fights, but with my luck, that won't be the case.

Even Ryan got into a little fight of his own which Gerbs had to sit in the penalty box to take his penalty. No one beats up on the little guy. The goaltender won't even tolerate that.

Tomorrow the Sabres face the Leafs for the last preseason game. Finally, regular hockey is going to be around the corner. I am so pumped for next Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Damn...Fighting makes Fern that much more attractive

Jill said...

YAY Ryan! Getting sassy.

Shelby Rose said...

Meg; goalies fighting is one of my most favorite things in the sport. (:

Jill; you know it! Always the sassy one.