I saw a hockey game and it felt so good.

I'm sitting in one of the lounges at UB waiting for my World Civilization recitation class, so I decided to write up how Wednesday night went.

Tamara picked me up at around four and we headed out on our journey. We had to make a quick pitstop at Tops to get Toni Lydman a card for his birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONI!) and then we headed towards the HSBC. We parked in this one lot and went to go pay for parking, and this one guy in front of us was freaking out because the machine ate his ten dollar bill. On it, it said you had to pay in exact change. It was three bucks. It made my day!

Anyways, after he bitched at us for about five minutes we paid and then headed out to the red carpet with our Rivet shirts and Finnish flag, and Patty the bobblehead chilling in Tamara's bag. We got a good spot to stand, right in front of where the players got out of their limos so we could see them straight on.

I think the only complaint I may have about the red carpet is Derek Roy's suit and if you haven't seen it yet, don't. Your eyes will be better protected if you avoid looking at pictures of him completely. He must have went to Amvets and found that suit on a rack thinking 'Wow, I would look good bringing the 70s' back on this red carpet.' No Derek, just no. Everyone else looked extremely nice and I got quite a lot of pictures of the guys. Is it just me or were there a lot more players last year than this year? Probably because most of them were sent down (up?) to Portland before it happened. Understandable.

Anyways, our plan to go up to the 200s to get to Patty's picture didn't happen. Tamara and I didn't know they had guys check the tickets before you went up the stairs to that level and we totally forgot to check AFTER the game. Mission unaccomplished.

Tamara and I ended up sitting next to Leaf fans, but it wasn't so bad. They weren't very rowdy at all. If you look at my Facebook, you'll see a video of us talking about it actually, haha. It's funny. Check out my photos as well!

Considering the Sabres won and Tamara and I had a ton of fun, the game turned out to be quite successful. Also, Toni stopped after the game so we gave him his birthday card and the beautiful Mrs. Lydman exclaimed 'Good thing you got him this, otherwise I would have forgotten!' Haha, she was so cute and funny.

The HSBC better watch out for next Saturday - because Tamara and I are going to be there for the home opener, woo!


Aubrey said...

Sounds like a good time! Why is there always that one guy in a bad suit? It's like there's a designated tacky apparel wearer on every team :P

Shelby Rose said...

I know. I think they HAVE to have one, just so that every guy doesn't look perfect in a suit.