Intervention: Dany Heatley

The other day, Tamara and I were discussing Dany Heatley and how much I don't care for him. I told her flat out that it has nothing to do with the car crash that killed Dan Snyder because that happened before I was into hockey as much as I am now. He did his community service, donates half(?) of his salary to Dan Snyder's remembrance organization every year, and he even taught kids at school about what happened. The guy is probably extremely remorseful still of what happened, and you can't agree with what he did, but now he has to live with that he killed someone. At least he was put on trial and did what he needed to do (even if he probably should've gotten jail time...)

After hearing about some of the stuff he does off the ice, a feeling in my heart grew. It was strange - I actually think I'm beginning to like him? I think this might be bad since he's an Ottawa Senator, but he might not be for too much longer depending on what goes down. He is being a huge douche about the whole thing. This is why I'm calling this an Intervention. I might end up liking Dany Heatley before the season starts. We'll see how I feel after a few weeks.

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Pookey said...


I think I deserve mucho bonus credit! But I'm glad you're starting to love him :)

And I LOVE that picture of him, too!