Drew, you sly dog.

It's unofficial, but the Metalhead has signed a contract with the Sabres. For how much, we have no idea yet. I'm sure the Sabres will keep their mouths shut with this for about...oh, a good few days. They'll probably announce the signing on Friday right before Puck Drop. That'll get the fans even more excited for the season to begin.

I'm quite interested to see if this is a long-term deal or if they decided on something like one year or two years. I won't mind very much if it's a long-term deal considering his point total has increased every year he's been in the NHL, but I won't mind if it's a short-term deal either. I'm just thankful to know this ordeal is over and we as Sabres fans can feel a lot better now knwoing a deal is in place.

Let's drop the puck already!


Pookey said...

You know what's gonna happen. He's gonna sign a Vanek-esq contract, he's gonna score 30+ goals, he's going to get more poitns than Roy and Pommers...and we're going to look back at that picture and realize that is foundation of our team.

(at least it's not the Fabian video)

dani said...

Thats Toni too! haha

Shelby Rose said...

Tam; Drew will suddenly be the savior of the franchise, and be the next big thing, and people will wonder why they even complained. Or they're going to bitch and moan when he doesn't live up to expectations in his first year if he does get a Vanek-like contract.

Dani; the Metalhead? I should've clarified, haha. The Metalheads!

dani said...

Ya gotta love 'em.