The Epic Adventures of Tamara and Shelby: Pre-Game.

Before I start dishing details about how awesome tomorrow is more than likely going to be, let's talk about that game last night! I still don't know what happened in the skirmish depicted in the photograph above, but it gave Goose a five minute penalty that the Sabres managed to kill off. Good job guys!

I think Ovie had a ton of shots on goal as usual but didn't score. It's a miracle. Usually without fail, he will score against the Sabres. This is the preseason but I like it that he didn't score. Maybe they can stop him from doing such in the regular season too? Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.

Anyways, you know the Sabres won by now. It's all good. Now tomorrow...

Tamara and I are hitting up the red carpet and then the game afterwards. If you're going and spot anyone with makeshift Rivet shirts then that would be us. With our luck he won't play tomorrow, haha. It'll be okay, we can still represent underneath our jerseys!

See you guys there!


Pookey said...

our own tag FTW!

Pookey said...

and you can find us using the Finnish flag!