Pregame: September 17th 2009.

Can you believe that hockey is finally back? Hockey that doesn't count but hockey nonetheless! The Sabres are back in business tonight as they face the Washington Capitals in about an hour or so. To all you lucky folks who get to go, congrats! I'm not going until next week but I also get to see the red carpet. Bonus!

Alex (actually the both of them) isn't/aren't playing tonight. Sad. I guess I can understand since it's the first game of the preseason and Bruce Boudreau wants to look at the rookies more but I'm sure the both of them are quite antsy to play.

I was so excited to see the lines for tonight though! Not exactly lines per say but power play lines!

Jason Pominville - Tyler Ennis - Thomas Vanek - Tyler Myers - Chris Butler
I think someone loves me. I love all of these guys and all of them on the same unit? Yes, yes, and another yes. I can't wait to hear how they do this evening on the radio.

A guy in my Media Analysis class was sporting his MacArthur jersey today, and I was kicking myself for not wearing my Vanek one. I just hope I get to wear it to classes tomorrow. It's been too long since I wore it after a win around school.

Let's go, Buff-a-lo!

Oh, and by the way, I am so stoked Tyler Ennis was signed to an entry-level contract. He looks like he's going to do amazing things.


Jill said...

WOOT WOOT! Hockey is back!

Shelby Rose said...

It feels so right!