Boy, you're a natural wonder.

There are too many good things I could say about this game. Tim Connolly being on fire lately. Drew Stafford's amazing, highlight reel goal. Ryan Miller with the shutout. And my boy, Thomas Vanek, with his 5th career hat trick and fourth straight natural hat trick. I'll have to think of some things to talk about during school tomorrow, because for now, I'm dead tired.
Just one more thing: Thomas and his interviews are too sweet because he's so humble about everything. He never takes credit for anything he does. I really like that about him. I wish he didn't put so much pressure on himself, but the way that reflects his character? That says a lot about the kind of person he is.


Caroline said...

Vanek's interviews are cute. He's very modest. I liked tonight he was like, "I'm not a selfish player..." haha. We know, Thomas, we know.

Shelby Rose said...

Most of us know because I'm sure half of the time, most of us our yelling 'Why didn't you shoot it?!' at the television when he passes to someone, haha.