The Pirates would've known how to cheer me up.

It sucks that I'm not going like I thought I was for the past three months.

Back in November, my oldest brother was discussing with my other brother about getting tickets to see the Pirates for the game tomorrow, and I piped up to ask if he'd be able to get me a ticket too. He said I could come as long as I got a ride back home, which I said I would. These months past, and it was never mentioned again. There still hasn't been mention of the game from anyone in my family, so they probably decided not to do it, which blows. I really wish I knew how to drive...I would've taken Sam and we could've watched those Pirates fly around the arena. It would've been nice.

Oh, this problem, plus the fact that I have my final exam in Driver's Ed tomorrow (it's a written exam), so I wouldn't have made it to the arena until like...7 something. Extreme lameness. So yes, this is partially my fault for not keeping tabs on what was going on with this. I'll be bummed if I see my siblings and they talk about it next week if I have a birthday party. I know I'll end up going 'I DID want to go watch them...' because I'm selfish like that. *sigh*

The thought of Thomas having to go on a liquid diet because his jaw is wired shut makes me cringe and nauseated. I can't even imagine the pain he's going through right now.

And hearing Derek is moving up to Thomas' spot next to Timmy and Drew? Good. There is no one else I would rather have take his spot on that line than Derek Roy. I don't care if Derek is a center - it's just so right for him to take his place.

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