I am a very naughty blogger. Bad Shelby.

I haven't updated for the past three days, and I hardly paid any attention to the Flyers and Rangers games. I paid a lot more attention to the Flyers game than the one last night (of course I do that to the one where they lose 6-3). I watched the post game and saw Gomez hit Miller behind the net. I didn't really see if he could've stopped, so my verdict is out the window. I have no personal opinion on what occurred with Miller, but all we know is that he's out indefinitely with a high ankle sprain. Great.

I'm not going to say that the Sabres are out of the playoff hunt now. This happened before in 05-06, and Marty took over. Didn't he win thirteen straight games or something? I know that Lalime could do the exact same thing. The team just needs to play well in front of him, and with a few more games in a row under his belt, Lalime will get in the groove. I feel like the team has nothing to worry about.

Still doesn't mean I hope that Ryan recovers as quickly as he can, and Vanek is back soon too. This team can do wonders without them both, but the both of them will bring a lot back to the team once they're healthy enough to return.


Caroline said...

I've got faith in Patty too. Once he gets into a rhythm I think he'll be fine.

Shelby Rose said...

I just hope that everyone else will think that he's fine too...I know that he can do it. Everyone just needs to have a little faith in him, that's all.