Pommer's Blog, how I have missed your updating!

I guess it's nice to see an update from Jason Pominville and his blog after that horrendous loss last night to the Hurricanes. Let's pick it apart, shall we?

One of the first things we see in the locker room every day is the board with updated NHL standings.

We’ve been paying attention to it for quite some time, as I’m sure other teams in the playoff race are doing.

You have to wonder at the same time if teams like Atlanta, New York (Isles), and Tampa have an updated NHL Standings board, too? Even if it's just for shits and giggles and to show the players 'Hey, this could be you.'

We know we have to string some wins together if we want to climb. It’s pretty tight and every night is going to be important from here on out.

There is, for us, a sense of urgency. That goes for other teams too, but we have got to be a more desperate team. I don’t think we were desperate enough yesterday against Carolina. That was a team that we could have buried a little bit and put further behind us. Instead we gave them life and we can’t let that happen again.

Jason, I don't think you guys were anything yesterday. I could've gotten more entertainment from a gold tournament, or watching paint dry.

Hopefully we’ve matured from last season after missing the playoffs, and learned from our mistakes because I definitely feel that we are capable of a lot when we all pull together.

We are playing with more confidence, we are in a better place than we were last season... Now we just have to prove it

This has to start against Toronto - not only because it's my birthday, but because they have to get on a good roll now.

Toronto should be a good test. They are a fast team and Air Canada Center is always a fun building to play in.

After their win against the Penguins on Saturday...yeesh. I hope they can play a full sixty minutes, because holy crap. Scary stuff.

We are going to be desperate. We need those points. We have to make sure we’re ready to play for 60 minutes.

It has to be everybody pulling in the same direction so that, hopefully, we’ll see some changes in the standings.

This is like tug-o-war. If everyone pulls in the same direction, with enough determination, the opposing team will go down flat on their face.
Except in hockey there's no rope...but you know what I mean.


Caroline said...

I don’t think we were desperate enough yesterday against Carolina.

The first thing I thought of when I read that was, "YA THINK?!"

Shelby Rose said...

If Pommers had the 'C' on his sweater, I would call him Captain Obvious. For now I'll call him 'Assistant Captain Obvious'.