Game recap: 2/17/09 - Sabres @ Leafs W

I am so glad that the boys decided to win on my birthday for once! Two years ago was all right since they received a point during it, but last year's was awful (the only good part was Vanek scoring). So I'd like to say thank you Sabres for not ruining my 18th birthday. I appreciate it!

I'll admit, since they were playing the Leafs and this game was televised on Versus, I hardly paid any sort of attention to what was going on. The first half of the first period was unbelievably boring. My mom even took note that Air Canada Centre was pretty much dead. There were no cheers, no chants, no nothing in the beginning. The Sabres were on the PK because Lydman took a penalty, but that was canceled out after Kubina took a penalty. The Sabres scored on the next ensuing power play if I'm not mistaken. I think a shot by Stafford tipped off a Leaf player, and it was 1-0.

Paille made it 2-0 a little afterwards, and then Ellis scored as well. A nice little 'I'll shove this under the goalie and see what happens' play. I was also very happy to see Paille score because the poor guy has been in the doghouse for awhile this season. He deserves a little something.

The score could've been 4-0 in the first, but they called off a goal because the puck apparently can't bounce off your chest and go into the net. ...Okay. Poor Pommers. After this game it's now the world vs. Jason Pominville. Oh, it's on world.

The Maple Leafs scored in the next period on a very stupid goal. It was on the power play (why is our penalty kill sucking lately?), and I think Blake passed it across the crease with Kubina coming up in the play and he easily tapped it in. First off, someone should've had Kubina. Craigory? Buts? Anyone? Secondly, Millsy, I read that play before it happened from my seat. I watched you slowly move over to the other side after Kubina tapped it in. I won't bag you a lot, but a little quicker next time, eh?

I did not see Stafford's second goal, so forgive me. The score ended with a 4-1 win by the Sabres. I probably would've enjoyed the win more on my birthday if it hadn't been stupid Versus. So so so boring.

Oh and as a final note, I officially hate New Jersey. Losers.


Jill said...

Stupid Jersey!

Shelby Rose said...

I'll never count on them to do anything for us again, that's for sure.