Power outages are tough.

I'm typing this entry at my sister's house because my power has been out at my house for over a day. Yesterday was quite adventurous, seeing as I could only wash my hair last night with a flashlight brightening up my bathroom. Also, I was stuck in a home that was 56 degrees yesterday. I never thought having no electricity could be so boring. I have off from school again, so this means I'll have a week off technically for President's Day break. I wish I had brought my Participation In Government homework home on Wednesday so I could've had it done. Oh well.

My condolences go out to those who lost family members in the plane crash that occurred last night. It's creepy that something like this happened right before Friday the 13th. I can't even imagine what these people are going through right now. Everyone who was involved in some way is in my prayers and thoughts.

It appears that Matt Ellis is going to take Jochen Hecht's place in front of the net on the second power play unit after what happened during Wednesday's game. If my power hadn't of gone out, I actually had a post cooked up where I was going to yell at the Sabres for failing against the Senators so badly when they are worse off than they are. Freaking ridiculous. Since my disgust from that game has come and gone, I won't mention it anymore.

But yes, because of the Sabres going 1-for-12 on the power play that evening, Lindy has changed things up with that second unit. The power play is where they desperately need a big body in front, which is why Gaustad and Vanek were so key to have out there. Now with them both gone, someone needs to step in and take a beating to screen the goaltender and try to tip pucks into the net. Ellis sounded more than willing in his interview yesterday to get done and dirty in the crease. Staff is also a pretty big body, and though he certainly doesn't have the large mass that Vanek does, I think he should do a pretty good job. I'll cut them some slack since that was the first game where they were parked in front, so hopefully something good will happen tonight against the Sharks.

Looks like Nabokov will be starting in net for the Sharks, and Miller for the Sabres. I hope that the Sabres have the same outcome as they did last year when they visited the tank.

Uh...about that plane crash...


Anne said...

I'm really terrified for tonight's game. The Sharks are good, no doubt, but they're playing with a mental edge. People think they're the best so they enter every contest as the projected winner.

They lost Wednesday night too, so who knows how this is gonna go down.

Shelby Rose said...

They are one of three of the best teams in the NHL currently. I'll give them the mental edge...but I can't really give them the edge on paper and talent terms. We only see them once a year. Last year I thought the Sabres were cooked for sure and then they blew them out, so who knows?

I hope some sports news website doesn't have the title 'Something's Got To Give' while talking about this game...