Bye Gerbs, I'll miss you!

I like the Sabres new index page to the site. If you scroll over the various tabs, it switches the page to show you things such as the mini pucks, ticket sales, events, etc. I quite like it. When I first got on it yesterday though, I had no idea how to get to the main portion of the site. They fooled me by putting the link at the bottom!

Nathan Gerbe was sent back to Portland today. I had no idea that he even had a point in any of the games that he's been with the big club. Oh Nate, you trickster you. Completely had me for a fool with your one assist. I think that this is a good move and with Gaustad coming back, we'll add size and grit in exchange for Gerbe's small guy, big heart attitude. He has been showing energy while playing but other than that, he hasn't contributed very much. Understandable since this is his first year as a pro so I don't blame him. He'll definitely need a lot more games in Portland under his belt before he can stay up here for good.

I am currently watching Goose's interview from this morning, and clearly the man can just take off his helmet and go. His hair is all over the place and it looks great. Thomas, take note.