I love Swedish goaltenders;

But I seriously didn't think I would see one in the Sabres net this soon. Boy, the hockey Gods sure do enjoy smiting and laughing at us, don't they?

I think the last time Enroth played a game as a 'Sabre' per say was the first preseason game against the Leafs. 7-4 was the final result with the Leafs winning, so we see how that all turned out. With a little AHL experience under his belt, he could surprise us and be amazing against the Hurricanes. I think it may have happened before with AHL goaltenders.

I'm going to be optimistic about all of this and look forward to tomorrow. Maybe Patty Lala will be healthy enough to play or Jhonas will be the one. Either way, I think this team has enough talent to help either of them out. They just need to figure that out themselves and show it for 60-65 minutes.


Jill said...

I am nervous... big game for Jhonas (brother) if he plays. I hope he is on his game.

Shelby Rose said...

I hope so too. I hope the power of the almighty hockey gods are with him.