He did it on his knees! On his knees!

*obligatory Thomas Vanek picture to fill in for a picture of Tim Connolly on his knees after scoring. Thank you.*

Tim Connolly can really do amazing things when he's healthy and ready to go, and we witnessed it once again last night. I couldn't believe the puck when in when it did. Carey Price looked lazy on saving that goal, and Timmy just decided to roof it and end up on his knees after scoring. I'm not even going to joke and say 'I hope his knees aren't shot now', because it's ridiculous goals like that that make Tim Connolly the type of player he is. He is ridiculous. He can make plays out of absolutely nothing. He is brilliant.

Other thoughts during the game last night:

-I was highly amused by the way Thomas Vanek paid no attention whatsoever to Lindy telling his PP crew what to do in the final seconds of the third. I don't know who it was, but someone took his place on the usual Lydman-Pominville-Roy-Connolly-Vanek power play (I know Numminen was on it for a time), and I think Lindy benched him. Okay, not benched per se, but he had him miss a couple of shifts. I don't really get mad anymore when Lindy does that, because watching Thomas' play last night, I actually think he deserved it. I don't think he had any shots on goal, he almost got what appeared to be a boarding penalty after hitting Higgins into the board (I think that's who it was), and he just didn't look very much like he was into the game last night.

-I didn't notice this until after the game, but was Danny Paille scratched? I didn't see a 20 anywhere on the ice, nor did I hear his name called by RJ anytime during the broadcast.

-I like it that we have guys on this team that can play two positions. Patches played splendid yesterday as a forward, even though it was weird to watch him flying around on a forecheck. He did have a superb goal which was nicely set up by Mairsy. We haven't seen it yet, but Pommers can also play defense. Sure, he plays the point on the power play, but you don't actually see any sort of defensive action during that. Most of the time you don't need it. Then Gragnani can also play both forward and defense, but I find that he's a much better defenseman.

-Considering Pittsburgh beat Columbus yesterday, they are now four points behind the Sabres, if I am not mistaken? I'm doing this without checking out NHL.com because I am lazy, haha. We are moving closer to the teams ahead though, with Montreal only three points away. I can't believe Philadelphia has three games in hand on us, what the hell? I hate seeing that whenever the standings come up.

-I am very happy that the Sabres have been playing better at home recently. It makes me feel good about my chances of seeing a win when I go now, because the last few times I've gone, I've endured more losses than wins. Pretty depressing after awhile.


Kez said...


Oh my giddy gods, I love that boy. Please don't give him away Sabres. Please!

Shelby Rose said...


The Sabres...can't...give him away. No matter how many times he gets injured, we see all the time what he can do when he's healthy. It's such a difficult predicament to be in. ):

Anne said...

I hate Tim Conolly so much but its SO HARD these days because he's playing SO well

Shelby Rose said...

And watch, when he gets injured again after getting the weirdest injury ever, you will be able to hate him because it won't be as hard, haha. There'll be hate because of him not playing and not helping this team!

Cari said...

I totally called Timmy's goal. It was priceless.

Shelby Rose said...

Nice, Cari! You obviously bring the man good luck. (Now you have to bring some good luck to Derek)