The Ways of a Sports Journalist, Part II.

A continuation of Part I, which was my last post.

After Corey and I left the station, we headed right on over to Coca-Cola field to watch the Buffalo Bisons take on the Pawtucket Red Sox. We parked in a building two blocks away (which I didn't mind because I need the exercise anyways), and walked into the entrance of the restaurant they have at the field. The name escapes me at the moment. We received our media passes and we both had to sign a contract permitting us to be allowed up in the pressbox. According to the pass, we were allowed in the clubhouse, on the field, and obviously the pressbox. We took the elevator up to the third level, and waited by the pressbox doors since they were locked. One of the guards came and opened it for us, and now my brother knows the passcode. It's really easy by the way, but I won't say it here.

The first room we walked into was the Media Lounge Area. There was some food left there but most of it was gone because we got into the ballpark when the second inning began. I had a roast beef sandwich with lettuce and mayo. I also had a Coke. Corey was stoked because since the field had been renamed, they now had Cherry Coke stashed in the drink dispensers. I was never one for the cherry stuff.

As we sat and ate in the lounge, Corey began discussing with me how very little female journalists there were in the sporting world. He believes that they do need more female journalists who know what the hell they're talking about. He also mentioned that most of the journalists around the country come out of Syracuse, and they're awful at their job. Most of them, anyways. I took note of this and decided that I was truly determined to try and get a shot at being a sports journalist.

Eventually, we made our way into the actual pressbox. We took a seat next to Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News who was on his handy laptop. Everyone in there has a laptop or a desktop to work on. They're constantly checking other scores and updating blogs that they run. There was also a staff room for the big shots but we weren't sllowed to go in there. Not surprised.

My brother made sure to explain plays to me while the game was going on because I know little about baseball. There were a lot of double plays going on during the game that we made note of. I also learned that the umpire and catcher aren't the same guy! Oh baseball, you trick me so.

Everytime teams changed in an inning, there was always something going on in the crowd. It is just the minors, but I thought it was cool that even if nothing exciting was going on in the game, the crowd could continue to be entertained by something. Believe me, they needed it during the game.

Corey said that my future would lie in copy editting because of something I noticed on the scoreboard. They were changing teams and this thing called 'Little League Heroes' popped up on the scoreboard. Instead of Heroes, it said 'Hereos'. I turn to Corey and go 'Hereos? What?' He asked me what I was talking about, then looked up to see what I was looking at. He couldn't believe how fast I had picked that up. I guess I'm just on the ball with those types of things.

I think my experience at the ballpark was incredibly boring, mainly because the Bisons didn't get any runs in and Pawtucket got a run in off of a home run. The final score was 1-0. I still don't think the Bisons have won a game yet.

It was very warm in the pressbox, but as soon as we walked out, it was freezing cold again. I put on my jacket as we walked down the stairs and he headed out towards the arena for the Sabres game.

I will have the final part of this up tomorrow, probably. There you'll read about my experience at the Sabres game.

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