I have no words.

Whenever I go to games with my oldest brother, the Sabres tend to lose more than win. It was no different last night as they fell to the Devils. I'm so glad that they woke up in the last period to try and tie it up, but it was too little, too late. I think my brother said it best to me after the game ended that they need to stop with this 'not showing up for forty minutes' bullshit. It might have worked two years ago. This team isn't good enough. People have got to leave.

I think he rub off some of his pessimism on me, uh oh.

I found out I'm also going to the game tomorrow with my sister. It will be nice to see another western conference team this season at HSBC, but at the same time, I'm expecting the Sabres to get smacked around by a very good Red Wings team. I'm sure Conklin will be in net too.

At least make it entertaining?

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