Google Analytics - April 2009 Edition.

You know how much I love these things, and I'm sure you do too!

"puck over the glass"
I'm still amazed that I have really never had to talk about this yet.

"puck over glass"
I bet that narrows your search down a whole lot more.

"adam mair girlfriend"
What the heck is it with this search?! I'm sorry, but I am not Adam Mair's girlfriend. Though, I wouldn't mind it really...

"i think i broke my back"
You too? I feel that way a lot after I march for band.

"ub lady ice bulls"
I hope that I can join them next year!

"dominic moore
Is smart because he went to Harvard.

"kari ottawa mom
I don't even understand this. A combination of Kari Lethonen, Ottawa, and his mom.

"3 glasses puck building new york"
Most discombobulated search ever.

"adam mair"
I don't even mention Mairsy all that much here.

"adam mair poster"
I do indeed have one. It's the Kids Escaping Drugs poster they sold at the AT&T store last year, that has Goose on it, too.

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