Bittersweet Symphony.

No thanks to the Rangers and the Flyers (the Rangers for winning and the Flyers deciding they weren't going to score any goals). Watching Kevin Sylvester counting down the time on the clock for that game was bad enough. I was sitting on the couch; a blanket near my face, and tears quickly forming in my eyes. I knew that this day would come but I had the slightest hope that, maybe, a miracle would happen and the Rangers would lose so the Sabres could survive another day. I guess the hockey gods really don't like us.

I sat there afterwards; thoughts buzzing in my brain of what could have been. The Sabres didn't make the playoffs this season because players didn't show up until the last quarter of it. They didn't make the playoffs because they were consistantly terrible against bad teams. The Thrashers and Senators come to mind. They didn't make the playoffs because they gave up a bunch of leads to bad teams, too.

They need to change things up in the summer, most of us know this. Tom Golisano is really going to eat his microphone and I would lie if I had said I wouldn't enjoy watching that. After Saturday, some both will be off for Switzerland to play for their respective countries while some go home and wonder if they're going to be calling another city their home for eight months of a year.

I might be there on Saturday, I don't know yet. My brother Corey (of WGR 550 fame, by the way) might get press passes for the both of us tomorrow so I get to dress up all spiffy. I'm hoping I can watch the boys go out with a blaze of glory, no matter how this season did turn out. I will still root for them and look back at the arena as I walk out of it to say a final goodbye until September.

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