I've been thinking...

I'd like to move the blog over to WordPress, but I have no idea when I might go through with that commitment. I have a paper to write over spring break, and I always tend to have ADD when it comes to the computer. I can't stick with doing one thing for too long or else I get bored and move on to another task. For those who have their blogs on WordPress, how hard was moving everything there? I want to know so that I can set how much time I will need to do it...

I want to say something positive about the Sabres right now, but I can't find anything positive to say. I'm not looking forward to Saturday because I'm pretty sure that will be the last time we see the boys until Training Camp. At least, the guys not participating in the World Championships. Five to six months is too long.

At least I will still have the Pens, 'Nuckies and Ducks to keep up to date with during the playoffs.

*sigh* ):

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