'Cause you're everywhere to me.

The image is from NHL Snipers.

Everywhere I look, I see these two. They are all over NHL.com today. This is because of the rivalry and the hype of the Penguins and Capitals meeting each other in the playoffs. I'm sure the marketing will be great for this series and what it's going to bring (and what it's brought so far, today). Two of the great superstars of the NHL of today facing one another for possibly seven games in the race to the Cup. I do not believe this rivalry crap for one second, though.

It might be because I like how both Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin play. Sure Sidney doesn't celebrate like Ovie does, and Ovie isn't a captain like Sid is, but they are each different in their own ways. The league are constantly playing the rivalry game, and I'm sure it's to amp everyone up when they face one another and to bring in tons of interest for the game. They could get so many viewers by hyping this entire series which I'm sure they have successfully done, myself being one to watch. That's because I like the Penguins.

Sidney and Alex are two different players. I believe they play two different styles of hockey. I don't care how great it is for the league to compare and contrast the two until it's beaten into everyone's skulls, and I sure as hell know they don't care what I think - But considering them to have a 'rivalry' is ridiculous. They are both superstars in their own right. I'll just leave it at that.

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