Sabres sign massive defensemen to entry-level contract.

Welcome aboard, Tyler Myers!

Reading this news, I immediately went on Facebook to see if he was on there. Now, the one I think he is is friends with TJ Brennan but I'm scared to send him a friend request. Anyone done that yet? Let me know if you have!

After watching the Sabres pick him 12th overall at the Entry Draft last June, I was really excited to see how tall he really was. Even though it may be a disadvantage in some cases at the start of his hockey career, in the future he could be the next Zdeno Chara. Checking Chara's stats, he is 6'9". Tyler Myers is 6'8". We almost have a Chara like defensemen on our team, hooray!
Then again, Zdeno Chara can only be Zdeno Chara. He can be no one else.

The Sabres also announced that 94% of their season tickets were renewed. I hope my brothers were in that 94%. The fact that I'm going to college next year and getting a job will help me get tickets though if I want to go to a game and I can't get tickets from them.

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