Crowd Control: Taking the trash out of games.

This is going to simply be a post about respect in arenas. After witnessing some really stupid antics last night, it got the wheels in my head turning and I wondered really how often this happens. More than likely a lot more than it should.

Last night at the Sabres/Predators game, there were four people sitting in our section that were pretending to be Predators fans. Now at first I thought one girl was truly a fan, until I saw her shirt ripped to shreds - as if she were thinking about attending a strip club after the game was over - with it saying on the back 'Buffalo Sucks'. Classing it up. It turns out the four of them were from the tri-county area since as we were leaving the game, three of the four people were fans of the different teams in that location. Now not only are they giving Predators fans a bad name, but their own team's name as well. It was an absolute joke. It's different if you're jokingly jabbing at fans of the other team but yelling at them and making asinine comments should not be allowed when visiting an away arena.

It all goes back to the World Juniors from this past December. Several Sabres portraits were pushed in and/or broken from fans. I don't care if you were American, Canadian or even Swedish - you do not DO that in an opposing arena. Respect it as if it's your own. No one can prove exactly who had done all that damage and it doesn't really matter. Sporting events are meant to be good times, not times where you ridicule other fans or just wreak havoc on an arena that you've never been to.

I have been to three away arenas in the past few years and I treated everyone with respect. I wanted to see this girl, hooting and hollering about the Predators to go to Montreal and yell how much their players suck. Then we would see who would survive.

My general point is, again, respect for the arena and the opposing fans. I don't care if you crack jokes but threatening another person's life or acting like an idiot gives someone the right to kick you out. There are so many joke fans in this league, it's ridiculous. Yes, this goes for you too Sabre fans.


Captain Canuck said...

I considered writing a post similar to this from two diffferent viewpoints. One, being a 'visiting fan' in a home rink and the abuse, verbal and physical that you get every game.
Two, being a parent and taking your kids to the game, only to be surrounded by drunken idiots and their foul language.

Sporting events have changed. And not for the better.
My 60" HD flatscreen and my couch, make a much better venue.

Shelby Rose said...

I forgot to even mention the poor kids who go to a game to watch their favorite team play and instead have to listen to drunken fans moan and swear up a storm. We had a young five year old sitting next to us yesterday (it was his first game) and I feel badly about some of the things he had to hear.

I shouldn't have to dread dealing with stupid people when I go to games but I do.

Aubrey said...

A-to the effing-men! I'm a home fan at the Ohio State games and a visiting fan at the Blue Jackets games and have witnessed plenty of jerk behavior in both arenas. As far as I'm concerned those clowns forfeit the privilege of watching the game and ought to be tossed out on their cans.

Unfortunately, it doesn't do any good to say anything to the ushers at Nationwide because they're not sympathetic toward visiting fans. I can ignore the drunk punks who yell at me, but I've reported them for harassing other people (mostly teenaged girls). The usher always says something like "OK, I'll keep an eye on him" and proceeds to do nothing while the abuse continues. Stay classy, Columbus.

Shelby Rose said...

I think the ushers at our arena do that as well...they sure as hell don't try and stop people from using language even with the little kids around. Sometimes you can't stop it unfortunately, but I wish that they brought down the whip on more people during games.

I'm going to Columbus next month for a game so the experience should be interesting. I just don't understand why people can't go to a game to have fun instead of being a drunken idiot or have to be stupid. Whether or not the team wins.

Aubrey said...

You'll definitely get some annoying drunks with it being the season finale (I'm assuming you're coming for the Sabres game), but hopefully Columbus leaves a positive impression overall :)

CriminallyVu1gar said...

I haven't had too many bad experiences with opposing fans other than being seated by opposing fans at virtually every game I've been to. (Phoenix fans, wtf?)

The worst I've seen from our own fans is in section 304, home of @SabresCutie. They just drink and yell nasty things at the Sabres all game, it is not very fun.

Shelby Rose said...

I know that Sabres fans are pretty awful as well. I hope I never have to sit in section 304 for a game because I don't think I could handle it, from what you've told me. Ridiculous.

I should write up a post too about the antics coming from home fans as well. It doesn't happen often but I have seen Sabres fans act like idiots towards opposing fans, or just in general. It reminds me of that guy I had an argument with so long ago about whether or not Vanek was lazy...