He does exist!

Tamara was doing some searching this morning to see if our beloved Rob Niedermayer has actually done something in his career, and here you go. He scored in the Stanley Cup clinching game and actually did work in the playoffs. Let's hope that if the Sabres actually make it then he'll score big goals then. Maybe that's his plan all along! Not scoring at all during this season just so that he can explode with 50 goals in the playoffs. Yes, he will have multi-hat tricks in every game. Watch out for Niedermayer. He's coming for you.


Lewy said...

That goal credited to Moen... oh my god. *facepalm*

Shelby Rose said...

I think I partially remember that goal. Was that the one that bounced off Chris Phillips?

CriminallyVu1gar said...

That goal to Moen was the highlight of the finals. Watching the sens piss in a shot off their own guy while emery stood there like a moron was poetic.