Hockey's back! Kind of.

Tonight starts the beginning of the top Sabres games from last season, and as I write this, it's about fifteen minutes away from puck drop. The first game they're showing is when Tyler Myers scored on the shootout and pretty much sealed his fate with the Sabres that night. I don't remember much from the game other than the shootout to be honest so it'll be nice to catch the things I missed. I think for the occasion I'll put on a jersey or something, and curl up to watch the game. I'm pretty excited. It's only because I haven't seen these boys on ice since the 26th of April and this is the only kind of hockey I have until next week Saturday when Puck Drop happens. It's so close but still so far away!

Speaking of Puck Drop, I'm sure most of you have already seen the new duds. Rather, a leak of the 'supposed' new duds. My take on it? I like the third jersey, I really do. I think that the homage to the Buffalo Bisons team in the old days is great. The only thing that may concern me is the supposed checkered numbers that I'm hearing about and I hope that isn't true. The image in my head that I have right now of them is NOT pretty whatsoever. I'm mildly concerned about that but I guess we'll all see once Puck Drop happens, right? I really have no opinion on the away jerseys because I personally don't like away jerseys. White isn't my color and plus, I would get a bunch of crap on the jerseys when I ate something.

A week and a half left until training camp. Thank the Hockey Gods.


Tam said...

we need to find stupid people to make bets on the games with...people who don't know they're repeats.

Shelby Rose said...

Yeeees. I should scour the internet for these people, I'm sure I can find some.

Aubrey said...

Checkered numbers? Ick. I hope that's just a rumor. The patterned numbers always make me feel like I'm drunk and hallucinating.

Shelby Rose said...

I'm just praying that they aren't what everyone makes them out to be. The image in my head is frightening. Maybe I'm just perceiving it wrong.