Hockey season is RIGHT THERE.

Puck Drop is two weeks away and I know these days are going to go by slowly until then. I would like to thank the Sabres for deciding to put up several games on MSG during the month so that the craving for hockey won't be as intense. Also, lord knows I'm sort of sick of having to see Tweets about Game 6 versus the Bruins and all my Bruins friends making remarks about 'how great Satan is'. Kill me now.

They've chosen some pretty awesome games to be shown over the month of September. The epic Tampa shootout where it was then set into stone that Tyler would stay up here, then Carcillo being a bitch with Craig and complaining even though he technically won their scuffle. Then you have the Chicago game where Patty won his first game, and the Pittsburgh and Atlanta games that were amazing in their own ways. I just hope that never happens again where they have to come back from such big deficits. Later is the Phoenix game (before Thomas' birthday when I made Austria cupcakes!) and then the awesome Ottawa game. I wish I had DVR because I would tape it if I did and keep it forever.

So now I have a lot to look forward to and it gives me something to do on school nights. It'd be amusing to see if I missed anything during the games too. The only game I actually attended out of all of those was the Chicago game and I'm sure I missed something along the way. A terrible habit Tamara and I have is making up a ton of crap during games and talking through it. It's about the Sabres of course but regardless, we miss a lot going on. I think we have to tone it down this year depending on how many games we go to and if we go to many at all. Maybe then I won't have to say 'WHOA! When did they put in the back-up?' IE; me not knowing that Henrik Lundqvist was pulled in the home closer. My bad.

Get ready, folks. Hockey season is upon us and training camp is only that much closer.


Pookey said...

your BEST FRIEND has a DVR and you didn't think to as me if I would tape it and keep it forever?

Cause I will. Remind me of that ones date and Pittsburgh and we're all set :)

Shelby Rose said...

Aww, I love you. :)

The Ottawa game is September 29th and the Pittsburgh game is September 20th.