Glasscast #3

Glasscast #3 Hurricanes vs. Sabres


CriminallyVu1gar said...

I don't like the fans that leave like halfway through or at the end of the first or second to go drink somewhere either. The three people next to us left after the first period...sporting Canada paraphernalia.

I couldn't find any canes fans to badger, though I could have gotten into it with the AWFUL season ticket holders in 305. Just awful. Why go to a game if you're just going to yell shit at Sabres?

Cody M. v. Philly bank shot off Bobrovski's back. Cody McCormick sitting last year and guys like Ellis playing are why I want the entire coaching staff cleaned out.

I felt Miller playing the puck was the right move, the forward was in scott-free if he didn't, and Miller hopped the forward avoiding 90% of the contact.

Shelby Rose said...

I'm guessing they never showed up again? Why pay for a game and then decide to drink the rest of the time without watching the game? There's no point to that whatsoever.

A guy near us in 316 was screaming at the Sabres loud and clear. Mostly at Connolly. Then a woman in 317 was like 'the Sabres are going to win if Carolina doesn't tie it up'. No shit, lady.

Ellis was a good role playing guy. I like him and I like McCormick. It just boggles my mind that players who give a shit every night get punished by limited ice time or benched.

It looked like Patrick Dwyer hit Miller's legs as he was sliding, but I could've missed the Miller hop from my angle of view.