What the Sabres are 'supposed' to do at the Draft.

Darcy Regier spoke with the media yesterday about what the team is supposedly going to do with the Draft. I listened to the interview this morning and wrote down some things as I listened to him speak.

One of the reporters asked him if he believes the team is good enough as it is to make the playoffs. He said they are. Now the keyword is 'make' in this sentence. The team will need to get some sort of piece if they want to go far into the playoffs. Most of the time, Darcy only talked about just making the playoffs. I know this team can go farther with a little help. He said the keys to the Sabres being able to get into the playoffs with the players they have is maturation (which is true) and Tim Connolly playing an entire season can also help. I won't hold my breath on the latter, though it would be really awesome to watch Timmy play an entire season.

Darcy said that he would probably not make any major moves during Free Agency because of the lack of UFAs. Actually, just look north to the Canadiens where it seems like there are thousands of free agents coming out of that team. With teams locking up guys long term, it's going to be a bit more difficult to go out and get players.

Then he mentions how people need to hold accountability in the locker room. You know there are the guys that come right out bluntly and state things (Ryan, Goose) and then you got the guys who don't think they can do anything 'well enough' (Thomas). A lot more guys need to step up and point fingers. I know they are all BFFs because they've been together forever, but if you're really friends, then you'll tell one another that you have to be better.

Darcy mentioned that he was talking to Spacho's agent (yey!) but they both think that he might want to try the market on July 1st (boo!). Come on Spacho, we love you here! Please stay!
Oh, and he's also working on the RFAs. I have a feeling Clarkie won't be here next year, for some reason. ):

I would absolutely love to see Tyler Myers up here next season, but it depends on how he does in training camp. I was at the preseason game he played in, and he looked just like how a rookiw should and someone who needs developing. He did a good job in juniors and also in the Memorial Cup. Like I said, it all depends on how he looks to the organization when he's here for training camp.

Remember when the Sabres could roll four lines and they were awesome? Yeah, me too. Darcy thinks that with some of the rookies in Portland, they have the ability to get back to how it was in the 06-07 season. Nothing can be as awesome as the RAV line was. Nothing.

Last thing he noted was that Patty Lala should be ready to go for the upcoming season and that Pie will be just fine after his little mishap.

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